Best Appliance Repair and HVAC Software

Everything from Estimation, Work Order, Warranty, Parts Inventory, to Purchase Order, Route Optimization and GPS Tracking is available under one platform.

Real Time Integration

All dispatch information from Service Providers is synchronized to ServiceWorks work order and claims. You can easily submit your claim with click of a button, which submits the claim back to the Service providers

  • Service Bench
  • Service Power
  • Encompass

ServiceWorks is the ONLY software integrated to Marcone inventory. Automaticaly pull parts and add to orders.


Part Request

Purchase order is automatically generated when parts are added to work order. You will get notification on part receiving so that you can assign techs to complete the jobs where those parts were requested for.

Customer Next Day Notification

Send automated reminder for the appointment when you are done scheduling and assigning techs. The customer can also send SMS confirmation to signify their acceptance of the schedule.

Multi Location Inventory Management

ServiceWorks makes is easy for you to keep track of inventory across multi location. You can not only track inventory, you can also adjust inventory and also transfer items between locations with ease.

Scan Barcode

While receving purchase order item you can easily scan the barcode of the delivery items using any scanner and keep accurate count of items received. So if you ordered 10 and received 12, the system will automatically mark 2 as overage. And if you ordered 10 and received 8 it will mark 2 as shortage.


Technician Route Optimization

Powerful AI to assign tech and optimize routes with 1 click. The AI considers the availability, distance, weather for creating the most effective route.

GPS Technician Tracking

Track the location, driving time, work time from both iOS and Android app. At the end of the day you can generate payroll reports based on these tracked data automatically.


When it comes down to it, making money is required to run a successful business. And if you’re constantly in the red because you have a hard time staying on budget, then ServiceWorks is not only a good option – it’s the best way to keep your financial information organized and secure. Take the guesswork out of budgeting by having an up-to-date, detailed analysis of your income to expense ratio – you can see your profit and loss margins, keep track of where you may be spending too much (or too little), and you can even see which clients are your most profitable, and which ones you may need to say goodbye to.