Customer Management

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Easy Access to Customer Data

Organize all your customer records into a virtual file cabinet. View records in alphabetical order or use our smart search to quickly pull up a customer record. Customer information is neatly organized by profile, service history, billing, equipment and much more.

Support for Multiple Service Locations

If you work with commercial clients who have multiple service locations, ServiceWorks can help you organize your operations by locations. You also have the option to bill each individual location or roll up billing to one parent location.

Instant Booking

Allow your customers instantly send service requests to you using our branded service page for your company. Customers can easily select services and send request to get quote or book a job. You can also collect downpayment from your booking.

Merge Customer Data

ServiceWorks manages all of your customer information in one seamless system. Updating or merging a customer record will help you avoid double-data entry of data and also save your time.Search duplicates and merge records.

Manage Customer Equipment

Maintaining detailed and up-to-date information about your customers’ on-site equipment is critical to doing a great job. Create custom equipment profiles to store key details. View each customer's entire service history at a glance.