One stop solutions for field service management

Manage scheduling jobs, invoicing customers, collecting payments, or inventory, ServiceWorks pest control software can help you get streamline your process.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Easily manage your schedules and changed schedule with auto notifications sent to customers and your techs.

Work orders, inspections, employee assignments you can input all of the needed information in the format that works best for you (by day, by week or by month) and it has color coding options to help you visualize what needs to be done and when.


Invoice & Payment

Invoice is very simple and easy in ServiceWorks. Automatically send invoice, process payment and send receipt to your customer.

  • Invoice and Estimation Template
  • Bulk Invoice Process
  • Automatic Payments
  • External Payment Link

Mobile App

Remove paperwork for job assignment. Cleaners can see all the jobs assigned to them and complete them. You can track all cleaners action and location from anywhere.

  • Track Time
  • Upload Content
  • Receive Notifications
  • Collect Payment


Customer Communication

Communicate with your customer automatically or manually during the full job life cycle. Starting from scheduling notification to billing to appointment reminder everything is at your finger tips.

  • Custom Email Templates
  • Estimation Approval
  • "On My Way" text message and robo call.
  • Job in Jeopardy

Inventory and Price List

Keep the cost and price of all your chemicals in the price list. You can use the items on field with easy change of quantity to get the true price.

  • Custom Price List
  • Inventory Management
  • Cost and Price Variance
  • Job in Jeopardy


Commission Tracking

Track employee commission with ease. Setup their hourly rate or percentage and automatically commission gets calculated. It saves so many hours you won't believe.

  • Hourly Rate
  • Job Percentage
  • Fixed Price
  • Mileage

field management on the go

Instant Back Office Update

Everything happening in your field is immediately visible to back office from any device. Track the progress, schedule emergency services, re-route technicians all from your office desk.

Upload Content from Field

Field engineers can capture photo, audio and documents for every trip alongwith notes and send to customer and back office for visibility. This content stays in the customer history forever.

Order Material from Field

If your technician figures out that he requires additional materials/ supplies while attending a customer, he has the option to order items from his phone and avoid any hassle with paper work.

Digital Proof of Delivery

Forget about paper and pen signature. Field Technicians can take the signature of the customers right on their mobile phone and it will be saved there forever..

Reschedule from Field

Professionals can reschedule their jobs for another visit right from the mobile app, and customers get automatic notification of the new schedule.