Best Handyman Services App

Manage scheduling jobs, invoicing customers, collecting payments, or inventory, ServiceWorks handyman software can help you streamline your process.ServiceWorks is the best handyman app to make money

Complete Visibility

ServiceWorks reduces the need for multiple visits by putting customer work history, asset tracking capabilities and job documentation at the fingertips. See the job status in real-time.

Work orders, inspections, employee assignments – you can input all of the needed information in the format that works best for you (by day, by week or by month) and it has color coding options to help you visualize what needs to be done and when.



Create a job, choose a client, and assign it to your team with only a few clicks. ServiceWorks gives you the flexibility you need to book jobs faster directly from the dispatch board.

Route Optimization

ServiceWorks has built in optimization logic that can help you increase your employee and asset utilization. It takes into consideration service regions, worker's skills and location, and route efficiency.


Drag and Drop Calendar

Multiple calendar views are ideal for dispatching your team efficiently. Choose from five different views when managing your team’s schedule, to get a clear visual of availability for multiple team.

Push Notifications

Field workers will get notifications of a new, rescheduled, or cancelled job through email and text.Admin also will be notified of jobs in jeopardy or when staff are running late for appointment.


Invoice Templates

Send customized professional invoices by ServiceWorks invoice templates with your company branding and messaging.

Pick from 10 pre defined templates or you can create your own.Dynamic tags makes the invoice personable and saves you lot of time.


Streamline Your Business and Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Customers Who Use Service Works to Make Intelligent Decision

Working with Serviceworks has been one of the most collaborative experiences I have had to date. They have been incredible responsive to all our input and our requested to system changes;

Heidi G | Administrator

The ability to break each job down to its component cost and let you know what your true cost and margins are on each job is great. This doesn't exist in any of the other pest control software that I am aware of.

Paul W | Total Pest Care