Integrations with External Apps

Get more powerful with integrating with other apps for processing payment, syncing work orders and invoices.


Marcone is a top distributor of appliance parts, catering to both individuals and businesses with a broad selection of genuine replacement parts for home appliances. It not only supplies parts but also provides technical support and training, serving as a key resource for both professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts in the appliance repair sector.

ServiceWorks integrates with Marcone inventory to get parts in real time and also enables you to submit purchase orders automatically.


Encompass Parts is a leading supplier of genuine replacement parts and accessories for a wide range of consumer electronics, appliances, and computer products. It serves both individual consumers and businesses, providing an extensive catalog of parts for repair and maintenance needs, ensuring devices and appliances run efficiently with authentic components.

ServiceWorks integrates with encompass to pull real time parts information

ServiceBench provides a cloud-based platform for service-oriented businesses, integrating management, dispatch, parts ordering, and warranty claims. It optimizes operations, enhances efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction by streamlining service delivery and managing field technicians. ServiceBench is a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to improve operational productivity and customer service experience.

ServiceWorks integrates with ServiceBench and syncs all work orders, send status update, submit claim and receive claim status update.


ServicePower enhances warranty service management by offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines the administration of warranties and service contracts. It optimizes field service operations, from scheduling and dispatching to managing claims and customer feedback. This ensures efficient warranty service delivery, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces costs, helping businesses maintain high service standards and operational excellence.

ServiceWorks integrates with Service Power and syncs all work orders and submits warranty claims


First American Home Warranty provides homeowners with service contracts that cover the repair or replacement of home systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear. Offering various plans tailored to individual needs, it aims to save homeowners time and money, ensuring peace of mind by minimizing the financial impact of unexpected breakdowns and maintenance issues.

ServiceWorks integrates with FAHW to pull work orders, send status updates and submit claims


MyOfficeHelp offers specialized virtual assistant services tailored to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs. By providing skilled professionals in areas such as administrative tasks, customer support, and bookkeeping, it enables companies to streamline their operations and focus on core activities. MyOfficeHelp's approach enhances efficiency and productivity, offering flexible solutions that adapt to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

MyOfficeHelp understand ServiceWorks in and out, so you can easily rely on them for your backoffice help and warranty related work.


QuickBooks is an accounting software tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, streamlining financial tasks such as sales tracking, invoice management, payroll, and reporting. It simplifies financial management with a user-friendly interface, helping businesses maintain accurate records and make informed financial decisions.

ServiceWorks integrates with Quickbooks Online and Desktop to sync all data points relevant to Job, Invoice, Inventory.

Square provides a comprehensive suite of financial services and mobile payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers tools for payment processing, point-of-sale systems, and business management, facilitating seamless transactions and operational efficiency. Square empowers merchants to accept payments anywhere, manage inventory, and analyze sales data, supporting business growth and enhancing customer experiences.

ServiceWorks integrates with Square payment app to process credit card payment.


Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway service, enables businesses to accept credit card and electronic check payments online, in-person, and via mobile devices. It offers secure transaction processing, fraud prevention tools, and simple integration options for websites and applications, making it easier for businesses to manage payments and streamline their financial operations, enhancing customer convenience and security.

ServiceWorks integrates with Authorize.Net payment app to process credit card payment.


Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. It offers a suite of payment processing tools and APIs for e-commerce businesses, enabling them to accept and manage online payments. Stripe's solutions support businesses in more than 100 countries, facilitating seamless transactions, subscription management, and fraud prevention to enhance global commerce and user experience.

ServiceWorks integrates with Stripe to process payment via credit cards.


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses manage and talk to their clients, customers, and other interested parties. Its approach to marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis. Mailchimp is designed for businesses looking to execute email marketing campaigns, automate their marketing processes, and personalize their outreach, enhancing engagement and growth.

ServiceWorks integrates with Mailchimp to enable email marketing to your existing customers.


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and more. You can automate repetitive tasks with workflows known as Zaps. Zapier moves information between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. It's designed for businesses and individuals aiming to increase productivity by automating routine tasks.

ServiceWorks integrates with Zapier to create customer, job and has triggers on many events.

google map

Google Maps is a web-based service that provides detailed information about geographical regions and sites around the world. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, air (in beta), and public transportation. Google Maps aids users in navigation, exploring, and planning routes efficiently.

ServiceWorks integrates with Zapier to create customer, job and has triggers on many events.