Right Software for Your Business

Growing your lawn care business can be a great way to earn more. But with the emergence of every new customer, your needs for an efficient organization system will evolve drastically. This is why investing in an effective lawn care software is an excellent choice that can help your business become organized and enables you to make more money with less time and effort.

Schedule and route your jobs faster

A good lawn care software will save you hours of time and will improve your client relationship immensely. It will give you a schedule that you can access at anyplace, route all of the jobs automatically, and can instantly generate the fastest routes.

Get more Jobs

You may have clients begging for your lawn care services, but if you are buried under a pile of quotes and estimates, it can eat away on your work energy. This can result in bid loss, which can then impact in losing clients. With a lawn care software, you can automatically price your jobs by selecting an estimated template and inputting all the client’s information.

Automating Invoicing and Accounting

The manual invoicing and accounting tasks are stealing your time and wasting your energy. The field force management software helps in instant invoicing and maintains healthier cash flow with credit cards processing and automatic billing.

GPS Tracking

Every time an employee is slacking off, they are slowly killing your company. Slackers are a serious problem in the lawn care industry. With a GPS tracking feature in your lawn care software, you can see exactly where the employee is and where they have been. It is also a great tool for productive employees as it will help you get more out of the entire field team.

Better Call Tracking

Every time you lose a client because you forgot to do what they asked or because you couldn’t give them a quick estimate over the phones, you lose a huge chunk of cash. A lawn care software can help you store information from every single call, boosting your client retention significantly in the process.

Personalized Email

Email marketing is inexpensive and effective. But writing personalized emails manually can be both time-consuming and less productive. With the right lawn care software, you can send automated emails to every client. The field service management software helps in personalizing each email. In just a few short months, you can get more clients and maximize your profits.